Trumpet-to-Trombone Hybrid Crossover Mouthpiece
TrumpBone Hybrid Mouthpiece
  • TrumpBone Hybrid Mouthpiece

TrumpBone Hybrid Mouthpiece

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Trumpet-to-Trombone Hybrid Crossover Mouthpiece.

This mouthpiece has a Bach 3 Trumpet rim with a deep trombone cup, throat and backbore.

Now you can double on any trombone shank instrument: Valve Trombone, Bass Trumpet, Marching Trombone, Superbone, Baritone, Slide Trombone.

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This has been a wonderful project.  Finally we have the TrumpBone Mouthpiece ready to ship.  The TrumpBone piece is a Trumpet-to-Trombone Hybrid Crossover Mouthpiece.  

We still have to publish our information page and get photos of the TrumpBone Mouthpiece up,  but if you just can't wait and you know you need it and want it.... it is ready to ship.

Please check back often.  We will be updating this store page and also an information page over the next few weeks. Here are a few rough pictures while you wait for our information page with more professional images: